Style and architecture - Telegrafbygningen and Steen og Strøm 

Prinsens gate 20, Kongens gate 23 

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Telegrafbygningen, literally the Telegraph Building, completed in the Baroque Revival style in 1924, stands shoulder to shoulder with the luxurious Art Deco department store  Steen og Strøm, dating back to 1930. 

Photo: Tove Solbakken / Byantikvaren

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Telegrafbygningen - the Telegraph Building

Photo: Anders Beer Wilse / Oslo Museum

Expedition /servicearea ca. 1925 with fresco by Alf Rolfsen (1922).

Photo: Janne Wilberg / Byantikvaren

Facade with ornaments in Sagastyle.

Steen og Strøm

Photo: Karl Harstad / Oslo Museum

Photo from 1935. Steen og Strøm is one of few buildings in Oslo built in Art Deco style.

Photo: Unknown / Unknown

Ground floor, great luxury.