Stortorget became the city’s main market square in 1737. This was where town met country. The square sat between the blocks where the city’s middle and upper class residents lived, and the suburbs, where the many poor and working class people lived. Goods from rural districts all around the city were sold in the market.

Photo: Tove Solbakken / Byantikvaren

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The new town square was placed outside the main the town's main gate and the earthwork walls that surrounded the town until the late 17th century. Stortorget remained the main marketplace until the mid 19th century. "Marked på Stortorvet" ("Market at Stortorvet") by Ludvig Wilhelm Theodor Bratz, 1843.

Photo: Ludvig Wilhelm Theodor Bratz / Oslo Museum

"Marked på Stortorvet" - Market at Stortorvet.