Oslo Cathedral

Karl Johans gate 11

The Church of Our Saviour is Oslo’s official cathedral. It was erected in 1697, after the city’s second cathedral on Christiania Torv burned down. Its characteristic Renaissance spire is not original, but dates back to approx. 1850, when the cathedral underwent one of several renovations.

Photo: Nina Aldin Thune / Wikipedia

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The cathedral was built at a time of scarcity of money and therefore had a rather modest appearance. The tower was only provisionally completed with a lower height than planned. The church was heavily rebuilt in the 19th century. Among other things, the tower was raised during this modernization. Nevertheless, it appears to be unpretentious in relation to cathedrals in other European capitals.

Photo: John William Edy / Oslo Museum

The Church of Our Saviour in the early 19th century. Aquatint by John William Edy (ca. 1760-1820).