Christiania Torv

Christiania Torv was the town very first square. It was the site of the Holy Trinity cathedral, before it burned down in 1686. This square is also where you’ll find Christiania’s oldest building, dating back to 1626, and the city’s first town hall. This square used to be part of a somewhat forgotten part of Oslo, but it has seen a revival in recent years and is once again bustling with activity.

Photo: Unknown / Byantikvaren

Photo: Unknown / Byantikvaren

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Christiania Torv was the political, civil and commercial center for the first hundred years after the foundation of the town.

Instead of placing the square in the centre of the street grid, it was placed closer to the town's highest point, where the church and town hall would be more prominent.

Photo: Anders Beer Wilse/Oslo Museum

Gamle Rådhus in 1937.

Photo: O. Væring/Oslo byarkiv

The city´s oldest building; Garnison-hospital, and a glimse of Johannes church on the left hand side.

Photo: Unknown / Oslo museum

"Standardgarasjen" gasstation was set up after Johannes church was torn in 1928.