Kvadraturen for children - Grev Wedels plass

Grev Wedels plass

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Grev Wedels plass has seen some strange things through the ages. Once, the square was semi-submerged in water. What is that large, pink timber building doing here? 

Photo: Tove Solbakken / Byantikvaren

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400 years ago, the square where you’re standing now, was covered in water. In fact, you would have been under sea, as Oslo old harbour was located much closer to the old town back then than it is today.

Photo: Photo: John William Edy / Oslo Museum

The harbour of Oslo around 1800

Grev Wedels plass was later a military area, as it is located very close to Akershus festning. There were plans on building the Royal Palace here, but King Karl Johan (1763-1844) objected. He didn’t like the thought of the prisoners of Akershus festning walking passed his residence. He imagined their chains would clash together, making so much noise he’d be waken up in the morning.

Photo: Photo: Christopher Gade Rude / Oslo Museum

King Karl Johan

The yellow building is called Gamle Logen. It was finished in 1839 and lots of artists, composer and writers used to meet here. Famous Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg held several concerts in the buildings large music hall.

Photo: Photo: Anders Beer Wilse / Oslo Museum

A meeting in the ballroom of Gamle Logen 1923.

The large, pink, timber building was once a hospital for the military. It was located in Akersgata, in a different part of town. It was supposed to be demolished in the 1950ies, but instead it was taken down piece by piece and put on storage. In the 1980ies it was rebuild here at Grev Wedels plass

Photo: Photo: Unknown / Oslo Museum